Here’s to today.
That vacuum between yesterday
and universally dreaded Monday.

Here’s to spending moments without regret
Learning from mistakes you hope to forget.

Here’s to words unspoken still in your head
To our songs unsung that haven’t been written yet.

Here’s to you.
Staring at this latte making sense of it all.

Here’s to you.
And here’s to us. – at Filosofi Kopi

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Behind the Scenes of #TheMessenger

Cerita di Balik Layar #TheMessenger

Sejak #GOVIDEO Competition diumumin, tiba-tiba aja mesti muter otak untuk segala kemungkinan yang mesti kesampean. Dari segi milih cerita, temen yang mau dilibatkan, sampe perduitan buat bikin film pendek pertama (buat gue) dengan hasil semaksimal mungkin.

In the end, rasanya gak salah milih temen buat kolaborasi, baik dari yang kebetulan sekantor sampe yang lebih kenal di Twitter doang sebelum ini sampe yang baru ketemu di hari-H. Karena selama prosesnya, semua berjalan menyenangkan dan overall berasa dimudahkan.

Apapun hasilnya nanti pas pengumuman pemenang, gua bangga bisa kerja bareng temen-temen yang sama-sama passionate banget ngerjain film kecil ini di dua hari kita syuting selama long weekend.

Sekarang, sebagian kisah di balik layar bisa ditonton here now!

Shot and edited by Titis Sapto:

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Have a great weekend! 😙 – with Titis Sapto, Raymond, Lolita, Kent, ardibhironx, Imam Wibowo, Budiono, Daniel, Roni Onet, Izzat, dhantypotter, Adi, and Debby Permata

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Another Night to Remember: The Upstairs X Goodnight Electric di A Create Jakarta 2016

A night to remember, and historic for many.
Because you can’t deny the history both these bands have covered.

Welcome back The Upstairs x Goodnight Electric!
It’s like you never went away.

Felix Dass |

“Oomleo masih di Gojek katanya barusan,” kata Gepeng, manajer Goodnight Electric pada Jimi Multazham dan Henry Foundation (Batman) yang duduk bersama sejumlah orang di ruangan depan Beatspace Studio di bilangan Kemang, Jakarta Selatan. Waktu sudah menunjukan pukul 21.40-an, nyaris dua jam sejak waktu latihan The Upstairs X Goodnight Electric dijadwalkan.

Para personil Goodnight Electric memang dijadwalkan untuk datang belakangan. Sebelumnya, para personil The Upstairs sudah memanaskan diri mereka terlebih dahulu. Tapi Jimi memilih untuk ada di luar, bercengkerama. Ada rahasia yang disimpan.

“Ini kali ketiga kita kolaborasi ya, Jim?” tanya Batman pada Jimi.

“Terakhir waktu Icema kan ya?” Bondi Goodboy menimpali.

Jimi tidak menjawab, tapi Batman terus memanggil ulang memorinya. “Dulu pertama kali di Kresikars, acaranya anak 82. Tapi itu kapan ya? 2007 kali ya?” tanyanya lagi pada yang lain. Hanya sekedar meminta konfirmasi.

“Gue sebenarnya agak milih untuk kolaborasi. Dulu pernah ditawarin sama seorang penyanyi yang nggak nyambung banget…

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Alhamdulillah, #TheMessenger berhasil masuk finalis Top 20 #GOVIDEO Competition!

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The One With ’10 Cloverfield Lane’

Remember the mysterious marketing for found-footage thriller ‘Cloverfield’ (2008)?

Farewell party with nameless attractive people, hokey dialogue and sudden fiery mayhem with the rolling head of the Statue of Liberty in NYC?

Ah, those were the days.

Despite the silly human actors you ended up hating by the end of it (except you, Odette Yustman – now Odette Annable. Look her up), who knew they’d end up making and releasing ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ this year?

A ‘spiritual successor’ according to Producer J.J. Abrams that dropped out of nowhere (Drew Goddard of ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ fame and showrunner of ‘Daredevil’ Season 1 on Netflix is also Executive Producer), the less you know when you go in theatres, the better. (Tip: Avoid seeing the latest movie poster at the cinema at all costs!)

I could spam my timeline with marketing pics of Mary Elizabeth Winstead looking worried in a tanktop to go see the film, but if you’re done with superhero team up movies for awhile or live action adaptions based on childhood animation flicks, take a chance and see this emotional rollercoaster that defies genre conventions and audience expectations.

Disclaimer: Starts off a bit slow, but man, usually jolly John Goodman is so good in it, man.

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Time For Spotify!

After a long overdue wait, Spotify was finally ready for launch in Indonesia last Wednesday, March 30th 2016.

I was lucky to be invited along with assorted friendly faces, seasoned musicians and all round music lovers at the launch party held at Potato Head Garage, SCBD.

For one thing, the unforgettable night was definitely all about the music.

Watch my Snapchat Story on YouTube and see what you missed!

Warning: May or may not contain one too many wefies. – with Ucita, Dipha Barus, Trisca, Pribadi (Pipu), Intan, Aulia, Nadya, Rey, Daniel, Indah, Lisa, Stephany, Gicha, Chika, Sonia Eryka, Hasief, Abenk Alter, Leo, Chresta, tbputera, and Adib at Potato Head Garage

Last Sunday morning I woke up pretty early for some reason, craving a proper caffeine fix coupled by a modest breakfast. Eventually I ended up visiting Jl. Cipete Raya, where I discovered the tiny but homey Toko Kopi TUKU.

Tucked beside a minimarket and with only two small parking spaces in front of it, the barista quietly opened the coffee shop while watering the plants up front and preparing a delectable brew of Kopi Tetangga for me. Despite having only a long bench inside for seating a small number of visitors at a time (with an area outside for smoking customers), the intimate atmosphere was welcoming to share pleasant conversations with good friends.

Snapchat Story // #VisitCipete2016 (Hint: Go to full screen on your mobile)

A short walk later I found myself enjoying a surprisingly delicious hot bowl of Mie Ayam Donoloyo by the roadside (right across Pagi Sore in the morning). I wouldn’t claim to be a super hard line noodle or bakmi aficionado, but I know good Mie Ayam when I taste ’em.

A few WhatsApp messages later called for an impromptu rendezvous at Sophie Authentique Rooftop. With three floors of areas to choose from, it’s a strategically placed meet up point with the familiar selection of delicacies found at other Sophie branches, but you might want to wait till later in the afternoon to lounge around the rooftop area since the heat and sunlight during the day might get unbearable.

Oh, and another thing: I finally got to get a long overdue haircut at Chief Barbershop. With the onslaught of specialty barbershops popping up over the past years, the detail and attention given throughout a seemingly simple haircut by the resident ‘barberman‘ might compel me to make a return trip next time. We’ll see.

All in all, I spent more than half the day along Cipete Raya getting things done and discovering way more than I bargained for.


Any Given Sunday

So. Who knew they’d be many eyes on you while taking public transport on any given Sunday?

Let me count the ways.

There I was, taking the TransJakarta bus from Ragunan to Halimun then hopping on to the one that heads to Pulo Gadung.

Me and a few other men step on a red TJ bus, shuffling a bit di sisi belakang. I’ve got my backpack on, dan gak biasanya I wear it on the front ‘cos it’s pretty heavy.

Looking overly cautious? Maybe. Ada a couple of bros who stepped off di Matraman wearing it the same way. Must be a thing these days.

Gak juga sih.


I take out my phone to check a few emails, send a few texts, and snap a few Snaps. Busy on my phone with the powerbank in my hands, I notice something fishy.

I notice that I’m being noticed by people in and around the bus. And not for my halfway decent good looks either.

So again, let me recap as it happened:

  • One slightly built guy hopped on from the Matraman busway shelter.

He wore something that looked like a purple gym bag and knockoff Nike sneakers. As I shuffled around by the opposite door looking for air conditioning, I notice the dude slightly invading my personal space.

I remembered a Path post from my friend Ditto about someone trying to cut through his bag but failing, so I look down and see he’s really too close for comfort, with one hand near and below my bag. I noticed my balls were still intact, so that’s good. I don’t see a blade, but then I look around…

  • Right behind me is a shifty dude in a cap.

I notice him fidgeting and nervously making odd hand signals; tapping his head or taking his hat on and off again. He’s looking all the way to the front side of the bus.

  • At the front of the bus, I notice an inconspicuous bunch of guys with one African dude in a proper white shirt.

Don’t wanna stereotype here, but reading the news these days about foreigners running organised crime, my normally unused brain told me to put. The phone. Down.

  • From here I look back to the guys sitting in the top back row. Some looked like normal passengers while I noticed at least two guys looking tense and doing the same hand signals.

One of them made a ‘hand washing’ hand gesture, which I interpreted as what either could be a signal saying that they’ve been found out, or maybe an encouragement to tail the target.

Either way, I’ve seen something like this before…

So. At this point we’ve noticed:

  1. One suspicious bulky suspect with the gym bag and fake ass Nikes,
  2. One suspected accomplice in the cap doing jazz hand signals,
  3. At least one or two men sitting in the back with full view of the whole bus,
  4. And one suspicious African mastermind who looks like any other African dood you’d stumble on at Sarinah.

While putting my phone in my bag, I notice Suspect No. 2 keeping eyes on it. I unplug it from my powerbank and hide my phone somewhere else.

Shifty Suspect No. 2 suddenly moves to an empty seat in the back, doing those dodgy hand gestures again. An ‘I’m sweating’ gesture, a little pull on the nose; maybe the dude is just a street mime in training.

Good thing my stop is approaching soon.

As this happens, I don’t really notice a TJ officer around (maybe he or she was up at the front? Didn’t see or hear anyone shouting out orders or bus stops as per usual). Luckily, a dude in a Damri shirt hops on the bus and stands right beside me.

It’s almost my turn to get off the TJ bus. I make sure to notice where these shifty dudes are going.

The bus stops. I wait it out for awhile. People go in and out.

Then I make my exit.

As I step on the busway shelter, one of the dodgy dudes gets off too.

But then, I notice exactly three other people at the busway shelter (four, including Suspect No. 2).

Keeping up score, more players are in the mix.

5. One dude in a shirt and glasses standing while on his phone,
6. One Mbak Berjilbab sitting in a corner with her BlackBerry. In this day and age? A BB? Curious.
7. One androgynous looking female in a hoodie with no undershirt but has the zip down, like way down. Again, curious fashion choice. She’s sitting in the corner with the Mbak Berjilbab, peering through her old iPhone.

A total of four suspicious looking people at the Sunan Giri shelter but no TJ officers. Not a single one.

Since the bespectacled guy on the phone turned around to look at me weirdly, I decide to sit between Mbak Berjilbab and her Androgyny Buddy.

They look tense while Mbak B fake types on her BB. They both just sit listlessly while occasionally looking up, signaling to someone, somewhere around the area.

I ask Androgyny B what the time is.

She silently points at the phone clock (12:48) while a dodgy remix song name scrolls along the top.

Four against one ain’t bad, but I make a point to slip in a pointy pen under my jacket sleeve in case things turn for the worst and it’s time to stab a bitch.

Suddenly, I hear some people chanting in the background, while car horns blare louder and louder from the side.

Turns out the red light counter nearby is quickly ticking, so I head up quickly and scuttle off to cross the road.

With a quick glance, I notice a funeral procession going on as a group of people from the neighbourhood are chaperoning a casket through the busway lane.

While I exit stage right and negotiate my next ride with an ojek pangkalan, I take a quick glance behind my shoulder and just sigh with uneventful relief.

So kids, make a point to look up from that friggin’ phone once in awhile.

Who knows, someone might be watching.